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The Rock Revolution has begun!

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK – Ronin has arrived! There’s a new band who’s bringing back the timeless tradition of rock for the sake of rock. This is the album you’ve all been waiting for, whether you knew it or not. Ronin made great strides in 2019, playing shows all over Long Island and New York […]

Hawk and the Wild is a singer, songwriter & human rights activist

Hawk and the Wild is a singer/songwriter whose real name is Jimmy Wiltfalk. As soon as he picked up an instrument, his interest for writing his own music emerged. The indie-folk and roots style has only been his focus for the last couple of years. His debut album Extrication Songs was released in 2016 with […]

The Funktastic Players releases “Daydreaming”

Overall Impression: The Funktastic Players’ jazzy song “Daydreaming” wholeheartedly lives up to its’ name. From the first melody, you feel as if you are consciously floating through a dream and can’t help to sway at least a little bit. The saxophone adds an element of smokiness while the drums keep a consistent beat throughout. There […]


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