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Gabriele Saro

Winner of Uk Songwriting Contest and Top 10 USA Songwriting Competition

Gabriele Saro, lives in the province of Udine. Two souls have always accompanied him: a scientific and rational, the other more artistic and creative. Degree in Business Administration on one hand, diploma in violin and a master in composition for film music on the other: two paths that cross a master’s degree in neuro-linguistic programming that followed in 2012. On Amazon and in Digital Download his over 90 albums, ranging from classical music to electronics. He has received awards and mentions in national and international composition competitions, embracing serious music competitions and pop music competitions, such as the UK Songwriting Contest (Winner) and the USA Songwriting Competition (TOP 10 in2 editions). Recent are the silver medals at the Global Music Awards with his new-age / classical albums “Sunsets 2” , “Passion” and “SensationS” Composer of music for documentaries, he works with publishers in the USA for the commercial exploitation of his works. He is a full member of The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers; he wrote more than 900 pieces registered at SIAE (ITALY) and ASCAP (USA). Recent the friendship with Francesco Silotto and Yves Agbessi, with the Top 40 album Number 1.
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