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Aya Ito Releases Don’t Take My Life

Blazian Sensation “Aya Ito” is a striking songstress with an incredibly amazing sound. A native of Tokyo, Japan, Aya is a multi-genre vocalist and rising star. This twenty-four-year-old Japanese and African American soloist is a force of nature who has toured the country performing for fans her unique vocals and astounding dynamic range. With the ability to sing in English, Spanish and Japanese, Aya is a sheer standout who is destined for greatness. For many years, she has been wowing crowds with her spirited performances and eccentric sound. No stranger to the spotlight, she has been interviewed on several media outlets and has been lauded for her absolute beauty and undeniable talent. Her latest song, “Don’t Take My Life” written by Aya Ito and Tonya Johnson, as a response to the disease that is violence which continues to claim lives every day. “We wanted the song to reflect the sacredness of life and the importance of love in life. Too many priceless lives are lost at the hand of violence, and as a world, we must show love and spread love”. “Don’t Take My Life” is relevant in all contexts, whether it be police brutality, racial injustice, gang violence, immigration, war, the pandemic, etc. Aya says let us continue the fight to make this world a better place for ALL!  “Don’t Take my Life,” is released by Smash Town Records (Chicago, IL) and produced by Slavic Livins & Darnell Johnson.

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