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To Be Released: So Lo- Old Skool Shirts

Big Al Staggs’ brand new upcoming full-length album entitled “So Lo” will be released January 3, 2020. This new release features 10 freshly cooked original compositions. His storied career with the Left Wing Fascists and Moaning Lisas has fueled this epic offering of sheer energy, good vibes and terrific storytelling.  Big Al Staggs started his career on the streets of Norfolk, Virginia in the 1980’s as a front man and songwriter releasing several albums and EP’s with both of his bands over the past few decades.   His career has taken him from stages of small venues across the East Coast to Lollapalooza in the early nineties and he continues to perform live today with his bands.  Big Al just released a new video “Old Skool Shirts” an epic tale of how kids are wearing band T-shirts and do not know any of the songs.  “Nice Shirt What’s your Favorite song?” This video along with the 2019 video Been There Done That are songs that inspire you with a a love story. Speaking of storytelling, the lyrical content is one that everyone surely can relate to with the single and the other nine songs discuss many topics of interest in this new release.

This new album “So Lo” is co-written, produced, and directed by the former lead guitarist for Iggy Pop and David Bowie, Stacy Heydon. Stacy is also known for his production work of the rock band Sheriff’s #1 Billboard Hot 100 single “When I’m with You” (Capitol Records).  

This new release written by Stacy Heydon, Big Al Staggs, and Andy Acosta provide solid guitars, grooving bass and creative drums that allows Big Al to sing  stories of true love, revenge, alcohol, roadkill, and losing a loved one to suicide. The release adds a great tune about a hot girl in a fast car and a tune to explain why kids are wearing old concert shirts these days. Each track is different, unique and explores a wide range of music styles.

Check out this new single spinning on Little Steven’s Underground Garage.  Big Al and the crew have been busy during covid 19 so look for a new release coming in 2021.   

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