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A Brand New Wave in the Hip Hop Community

Frankie lives up to his name, with his mind-blowing storytelling techniques. He always has his fans on edge waiting for what is next. Frankie Da GameSpitta, also known as Frankie Archie II, was born in a small city, Pine Bluff Arkansas. Frankie took interest in music in high school as a hobby. In his early 20s Frankie performed around his hometown. The ability to interact with the crowd is what keeps him energetic and fuels his performances. While Frankie withholds a distinctive individuality story telling sound in his music, his style is often compared to the music of the inspiring rapper, “Scarface” out of Houston, someone Frankie seeks inspiration from.  Frankie is bringing a new wave to the hip-hop community convincing his fans to keep moving forward. In 2018 Frankie decided to take his passion and turn it into his career through development and releasing his first single “Dedicated” featuring Kennedy. “Live from the Natural State,” is the latest release in 2019, which is an introduction representing “Arkansas.” Frankie has just released his 1st single of 2020, “Baby Momma Drama Queen” Available for streaming now.

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