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Muzik Box releases new hit song Karma

What goes around comes around, that’s probably the best definition of “Karma”. Aaron, Caleb, and Lisa from Muzik Box have launched a new song and video about the law of cause and effect.

Interpreting the emotions covered in this haunting track, you’ll soon realize that for every action there’s always a reaction. With energetic beats and under their signature House sound, the Houston-based artists will give you an important life lesson.

In a certain way, the divalicious vocals turn listeners into instant fans. Plus, I would dare to say this could become a timeless masterpiece thanks to the epic funky bassline and stunning hooks. Additionally, visuals take you to a futuristic scenario in which tall buildings and flying cars dominate the cityscape. So, if this delightful single makes you eager for more, then check out the remixes for “Karma”. The dance community will love the versatility over the original, with refreshing tribal, deep, and tech-house versions. This is surely the place to kickstart your next Spotify playlist.

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