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Normie B & Kenny Vaughan releases America Don’t Love Black

Artist Normie B and Kenny Vaughan have created the 2020 Social Justice Anthem  entitled “America Don’t Love Black”  which speaks to racial injustice and social unrest in America. The song is a commentary on systemic racial injustice issues in America. This song should be played across the Unted States of America to educate all people about the unfair depiction and treatment of our black and brown citizens.

Normie and Kenny Vaughan are a Rap and R&B duo who have been writing music for years. Normie B was previously signed with Bon Ami MCA Records and Kenny Vaughan wrote  the hit single ‘Feels Like Heaven “for the movie Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy. They have teamed with legendary rap producer D-Moet creator of Smash Hit  ” Hate me now. by Nas  They have now created the social justice  anthem ” America Don’t Love Black ” to speak to social and racial injustice in the United States of America. 

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