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“If Mac Miller and Ed Sheeran had a baby”

It was never Hedge’s plan to do music full-time. And even after his second release, the twenty year old would tell you that he’s not really a musician, but just someone who knows what sounds good.

His DIY-living room music on the other hand sounds anything but unprofessional.
Just like any other kid, he started by producing beats on his computer when he was fourteen years old. After some years of experimenting with sounds, he wanted to finally finish one of his songs. And put it out for people to hear.

At this time he got to know the old school Rock-guitarist Olly Lagemann (Cats TV, Loz Tinitoz) who helped him on his journey.

In the end there were not one, but three songs he put out as the Ocean-EP in 2018.
By that time hedge moved to various cities of Germany, studied for a short amount and finally found his place in Hanover, where he’s doing an apprenticeship as a media creator, while still working hard for his passion.

After some time we finally get to hear his second project: “Mellow Days”. It’s his personal inner conflicts translated into music. Self-doubt, as well as frustration and love are the topics he discusses. For every song there is another kind of sound to discover in his six-song ep.

One moment you’re rebelling against the world itself (“ let’s set the whole world on fire”), in another your having a face to face conversation, talking about your deepest feelings in a motel room.
In the next moment your sitting at the piano, talking about love and how it hurts. This happens in an abstract, but still soulful way.

With every track Hedge takes us on a little journey. And you can be sure that none of his songs sound like the other. But why don’t you just take a look yourself.

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