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Social Gravy – A Different Kind

A Different Kind – the 2020 EP from self-proclaimed ‘romantic rock-n-rollers’ Social Gravy – is a melting pot of influences injected with Brad and Vee’s larger-than-life, expressive take on the wild rides of love. Rock music has been pronounced past and gone at many points throughout modern music history, but its enduring legacy suggests otherwise. Social Gravy carry on the torch through genuine passion for the music yet manage to separate it from a specific era and add their own production sensibilities. A Different Kind expands the romantic themes of their previous work with a synergy of poetic couplets and big sounds which show this band wear their hearts on their sleeves. Recognizing realism doesn’t have to be low key, they focus on recording to bring out the feeling inherent in classic sounds.

The ups and down of guitar solos and the punchiness of bass and drums lend themselves well to the intensity the band applies to love. The second track, Love You Better, starts with a funky, muted guitar riff and drum pattern which lends determination to Vee and Brad’s expressive lyrics. The enduring romanticism of rock and roll is a timeless concept taken up to 11 here- A Different Kind takes the wild feeling previously expressed in riffs and solos and channels it into a more emotion-based structure. Social Gravy recognize that rock and roll is a state of mind, not a genre or a time period – and A Different Kind is the balance of both the gentler emotions in the final, titular ballad – and the bigger, brasher ones in Anywayz – with the lyrics ‘At times it’s overwhelming but I love you anyways’ and screaming, distorted guitar. A Different Kind is an emotional journey through rock and roll, and Vee and Brad’s love for meaningful musicianship carries it to those longing for something both honest, sensitive, and packed with melody.



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