Billy Buchanan is a dynamic entertainer!



Billy Buchanan, The Ambassador of Rock ‘n Soul, will have you swinging and swaying through the decades, from the 50’s to the 80’s and beyond. From Ray Charles, to James Brown, to The Temptations, to Stevie Wonder, To Prince, Billy’s only objective is to keep you on the dance floor.

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, the city where DJ Alan Freed first coined the phrase “Rock and Roll”, Billy Buchanan has a deep musical heritage. Digging into his father’s LPs at a very young age, he became a disciple of all the soul, blues, and rock trailblazers. He is also an exceptional, award winning songwriter, and in his original music, you can hear the backbeat rhythms and musical influences of all the artists he admires. He performs solo or with his band, ‘Billy Buchanan & his Rock ‘n Soul Revue’, behind him. His latest album, “Live! Act 1” was released in November 2019. Go to to book one of his amazing shows! 

As an award winning recording artist, he’s released nine albums as a solo artist and two albums with his former band Fusebox (Elevate/EMI). He’s had three Top 20 songs on the CCM charts and has performed in all 50 states and in 26 countries. As a sideman, he’s played bass, guitar, or sang background vocals for many great artists, including Grammy winners Rebecca St. James, Michael Tait, and John Carter Cash. As a songwriter, he’s written songs with Busbee, Clint Lagerberg, Mike Hartnett, Marc Byrd, and other established writers. As a producer, he produced all of his solo albums, numerous independent artist’s albums, and co-produced Fusebox’s “Once Again” album. As an actor, he was nominated for a Dove Award for his role in the touring production, Hero The Rock Opera. As a celebrity impersonator, he’s been nominated for four Sunny Awards (including the prestigious Bea Fogelman Award of Excellence), and won one for “Best Website” in 2018. In 2020, he won “Best Soul Artist” at Las Vegas’ Reel Awards. 

Billy has opened for or shared the stage with Jersey Boys on Tour, Tower of Power, Harry Connick Jr., Betty LaVette, Paul Anka, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Josh Turner, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, Brothers Osborne, David Ryan Harris, Morris Day and The Time, Chaka Khan, Shawn Mullins, Sixpence None The Richer, JohnnySwim, The New Orleans Suspects, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Joy Williams (from The Civil Wars), Super Cat, G Love and Special Sauce, 24-7 Spyz, Switchfoot, Extreme, KC & The Sunshine Band, Funky Meters, P.O.D, N’Dea Davenport (from The Brand New Heavies), Skillet, Alice In Chains, Rebecca St. James, Salt-n-Pepa, and Jennifer Nettles (from Sugarland), to name a few.
Twistin’ the Night Away

“I Wanna Feel Your Body” is Heidi Tann’s Latest Ode to Jazz



Heidi Tann was born and raised in the Philippines. She has been performing in luxurious hotels and clubs all over Southeast Asia since the ‘90’s till early 2000. She drew inspiration from artists like Anita Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Barbara Streisand, Natalie Cole, Toni Braxton, Vanessa Williams and Patti Austin throughout most of her musical career. Since then, Heidi Tann has cultivated her own niche in the R&B and jazz, pop standard genre She released her first EP, “Here Is Where We Meet” in 2019 and her first single, “My Favorite Things,” an enlivened rendition of the classic tune from The Sound of Music

“I Wanna Feel Your Body” opens with a kick, giving the listener a rich, soulful, and impactful impression of the songstress. Combining harmonious melodies of piano, saxophone, bass and drums “I Wanna Feel Your Body” opens boldly, honing in on the songstress’s ode and sentimentality to earlier jazz and R&B songstresses. 

The chorus solidifies the song’s impressionable entrance; Heidi Tann elevates her ballad through a smooth sensuality shadowed by saxophone tones. Her vocals shine in this latest single, moving to falsettos that cement her layered vocal performance and ends enigmatically, steeped by a percussive fadeaway. 

” I Wanna Feel Your Body is both similar and different to anything I’ve ever released before. I wanted to dedicate a piece to one of my favorite genres ever, Jazz. This is essentially a love letter to the kind of music I truly love”, a song that talks about being with someone you truly care about, a very intimate song”. Heidi Tann

Amid a changing musical landscape, Heidi Tann remains true to her roots of jazz and robots is her most dynamic body of work yet. Here, she carries an ambiance of soulfulness and sensuality through her vocals and varied musical arrangements.

“I Wanna Feel Your Body” was written and composed by Allan Bradley Licht, music produced and sound engineered by Grammy winner sound engineer and keyboard player, Pete Tokar.  The other featured artists are Tomoka Nomura-Jarvis on the saxophone and Maria Jacobs on background vocals. The track was remastered by DCAT Music Co.

The anticipated single will be available on her website at ,Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Moth99, YouTube, Pandora, Deezer, IHeart and many more. The song was just released this March 4, 2021.

“The Boost” is a party anthem that’s energizing & inspiring



Latino R&B sensation Cee Nario brings you a funky, soulful hip-hop protest jam that you’ll be bumping in your workout, at the BBQ, in your car, or at a righteous demonstration near you. Cee Nario masterfully captures the explosive emotion swirling around us within his new track: the effects of a worldwide pandemic, police brutality and racial inequity, economic shutdowns, and political divisiveness compounding the already-stressful everyday pressures of life.  All of that is packed into this hard-hitting jam with thoughtful lyrics, warm melodies and smooth raps over an electric collection of keys, drums, and a super-funky bassline!

Cee Nario’s music is packed with undeniable passion, soul, and overall good vibes. Electricity flows through his lyrics and vocal performance on every track, and his versatility shows in both his soft sweet, melodies and hard hitting rhymes!

Cee Nario is a passionate performer with a west coast swagger and universal appeal that easily translates to a worldwide audience.  With dynamic vocal range and heartfelt songwriting, he offers a refreshing blend of hip-hop, R&B and pop with a Latin influence—while delivering a positive message.

Drawing from a wide variety of inspirations like Usher, Notorious B.I.G., Sublime, and The Black Eyed Peas—Cee Nario is able to transcend traditional boundaries with his music. He’s appeared on the Telemundo and Mundo Fox television networks; shared the stage with notable acts like Rapsody, SiR, Dom Kennedy, Blu & Exile, and The Pharcyde; and has worked with a global network of producers.

Recently, Cee Nario has garnered a loyal following across music platforms with over 230,000 streams (123k on Spotify) and is growing rapidly on social media, including 2,500 followers on Instagram alone. His current single “The Boost” is currently trending, receiving national airplay and gaining more than 23,000 streams on Spotify in the last 3 months (as of February 2020), with listeners in over 81+ countries (top 3: U.S., Mexico, & Brazil).

Next, Cee Nario looks to build on this momentum with yet another new single, “TBH”—an upbeat R&B ballad, driven by a powerful hook that addresses the battle to keep love alive in the face of gossip and doubt.  Accompanied by a swinging hip hop instrumental with knocking bass and ambient melodies we’ve come to love from songwriter-producer Instigate, the world is sure to fall in love with Cee Nario and his voice all over again.  COMING MAY 2021!  In the meantime, keep enjoying “The Boost” and all the good vibes that come with it!

The Boost

Music has always been the pioneer of Ebony Camille’s life



Ebony Camille has been singing since she was four, so naturally she is addicted to the rush of creating music and being successful in the music industry. The first people to bless her ears were Patti Labelle and Whitney Houston. They paved the way to her discovery of many other great singers like Aaliyah, Tamia, Toni Braxton, Brandy, Lil’Mo, Monica, Beyoncé, Shania Twain, Janelle Monae, Stevie Wonder, Jazmine Sullivan, Erykah Badu and LeAnn Rhymes to name a few. She started her journey playing Cello in elementary school, and then Baritone in her last year of high school. After receiving an Honorable Discharge from the United States Navy In 2013, she began pursuing an entertainment career. Her first projects were an EPs entitled Stupid Cupid and a single called Glass Bounce.

She has been writing her own songs since the 7th grade when she and two of her classmates decided to form a group named Child’s Play. She was compare to Miss Badu because her sound has a strong Neo Soul vibe. Some things many people don’t know about her is that she sometimes rap, She used to be a huge Britney Spears/*NSYNC/Backstreet Boys fan which lead to the formation of a group called Weirdo Spawn. You can still find that music on MySpace.

“Five years from now I see myself touring with platinum albums and singles galore, working amongst more great artist that are New and/or Legendary, a successful public figure helping with charities/ finding ways to make changes in our World, happiness, satisfaction, preparing for even Bigger things to come and a positive influence/role model/motivation to everyone I come in contact with”. Ebony Camille

Check out Jay Steele’s latest single “For Tha Love”



‘For The Love’ is a joyous record that takes hip hop and gives it an alternative makeover. Standing apart from the crowd just a bit, Jay Steele does his own thing in the modern era of the genre with tracks that include hints of jazz, maturity and a heavy dose of originality. Despite living with severe fibromyalgia, which he details on his song “What I Can Do,” Jay thrives in his music. Wanting to bring back the days of golden age greats like De La Soul A Tribe Called Quest, and Big Daddy Kane, Steele is doing what he can to provide nostaligia wrapped in modern joy.

He married a compassionate special ed. teacher like the ones who helped him when he struggled so immensely early in life, and he made the music he wanted to hear in the world. After being diagnosed with a serious medical condition, he joined the ranks of the disabled musicians around the globe who didn’t let their disability stop them from bringing their art to life. After 20 years and 8 albums of having his music fueled in large part by disdain, anger, and disgust; this album is powered purely by love.

Eschewing celebrity, status, and ego, Jay Steele has expressed that his primary purpose now is making people happy with his music, which is especially epitomized in the lyrics of his song “Spreadin Joy.”

“I’ve seen the laughter, the smiles, the dancing, and the joy that my music has sparked in people,” Jay explains. “I feel like that’s worth more than any amount of money, and my goal now is to spread that joy to those who would appreciate it.”

The album’s positive vibes emanate resolutely right from the first two tracks. “Givin Thanks,” a “Juicy” by Biggie Smalls like autobiographical and jubilant tune, precedes the aforementioned song.

There is an unabashed emphasis on “For Tha Love” of taking the art of rhyme back to the foundation, which is evident in lyrics like, “Conscious raiser – orator – hip hop culture preservator – graffiti – breakin’ – rap – and DJ demonstrator,” which can be found on “Tha Rhyme Conductor.”

The project’s artwork resoundingly reflects this as well with graffiti on the front cover drawn by renowned graffiti artist “MindGem.” Then there is the graffiti on the back cover (of his name and album title) drawn by Jay himself, who is also a long time visual artist.

The beats on this album are very unique and diverse, or in the words of Abstrack Recording Studio engineer Jeff Mulligan, who worked on the project, “Nothin’ on here sounds the same.” Listeners will find a wide array of instrumentation ranging from mesmerizing keyboards, powerful orchestral notes, smooth electric piano, and mysterious and dramatic strings.

“Musical Family” may stand out the most, however, because it amounts to what may be the first mother and son collaboration in hip hop history. On this one, Jay raps over a violin played by his mom, who was Philadelphia All-City Orchestra in high school.

“We produced the beat together,” Jay says. “My mom came to the studio and played a violin rendition of a beat idea that I beatboxed for her.” Ultimately though, an alternative beat presented itself.

“My mom didn’t want to stop playing and kept improvising different sounds with her violin,” Jay recalls. Then, as his mom tells it, “This place kept inspiring me to make all these mystical beats!” She ended up playing one that really piqued Jay’s interest and imagination, and from over 30 minutes of music, Jay selected a spectacular 3 second segment and looped it, and the familial collaboration was conceived.

Another beat that stands out for its eclectic originality is the Silent NRG produced “Global NRG.” This beat was brewed in Hong Kong, and the sounds of the region, including the 2,500 year old zheng string instrument, are inextricable.

Steele’s style showcases a proliferation of alliteration and sublime, tightly intertwined, timed rhymes combined with a mountain of metaphors. His vocals transmit in a raspier fashion half of the time, which has drawn comparisons to Nas. In tandem with his standard tone, the resulting vocal variety makes for a sonically dynamic contrast.

Jay’s customary voice projects very deep, powerful, and smooth in a manner evoking iconic emcees like Big Daddy Kane, Parrish Smith (of EPMD), Doctor Dre, and The Fresh Prince. In fact, some may find “Givin Thanks” to be reminiscent of the timeless classic hit “Summertime,” with Jay espousing meaningful, grateful, and highly relatable lyrics with smooth flavor like that of Will Smith himself.

Of course, when it comes to lyricism, “Tha Rhyme Conductor” again must be discussed. With its crazy combination of crafty puns and metaphors, combined with a myriad of creatively placed, high voltage, cinematic sound effects, this concoction could certainly be described as electrifying. Listening to the lyrics, it’s clear that this type of effect is the intent. “I feel like I was able to summon up all of my creativity, and energy, and to unleash it on this one,” Jay recounts.

Steele’s writing has been catapulted by love, which is abundantly apparent in “No Better Present,” a romantic love song capable of conjuring memories of classic raps like “The Lover in You” by Big Daddy Kane and Method Man’s “You’re All I Need.” The continuity ensues with “Rap Appreciation,” which is a nostalgic love letter to hip-hop itself. It could be construed as a happier version of Common’s “I Used to Love H.E.R.”

“What I Can Do” is yet another very personally revealing and meaningful collection of lyrics. This composition is dedicated to those contending with cases of severe fibromyalgia, as he is. The lyrics depict a bit of what it’s like to experience this disease while offering hope in the form of ideas to help manage it. It ends by revealing that Steele has been a leader of a New Jersey support group for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and he concludes by providing his email address for those who would be interested in receiving a comprehensive list of resources that could be helpful for managing the disabilities/symptoms.

“Peace Not War” features a rare portrait of a rapper acknowledging his own specific character flaws in an effort toward personal growth. This aim imbues ideas in lines like, “Trying to change everybody – everybody but me – what I need is less me – and more humility.” Jay actually intended to put this track on his album “Solid Steele,” which is comprised of material he made between the years 2001-2006. (It should be noted that from 2006-2013 he released 5 albums, including “Music for a Better World,” under the name “Tha Truth,” which have had a global impact in their promotion of human rights.)

“I didn’t think I was physically capable of recording much ever again when I wrote Peace Not War,” Jay acknowledges. “I was just going to put it on “Solid Steele,” but my wife said she thought I should make a whole new album. She said that’s what she wanted, and that’s when I decided to try and do it.”

An additional aspect of note about this album is the exuberant exhibition of echoes. When Jay first began recording at Mulligan’s studio in Deptford, NJ, the engineer was left awestruck. After amassing decades of studio experience he reflected, “I’ve seen a lot of people try to do that [with echoes], but I’ve never heard anyone do it so well.” Subsequently, when Jay asked him to use his equipment to provide an echo, Jeff responded, “I like it better when you do it.” Alas, from that point on Mulligan began referring to Jay as both “The Echo Messiah” and “The Human Echo Machine.” The latter became the title of an interlude that encapsulates their amusement at the fact that Jay ended up performing virtually the entirety of echoes heard on the project without the aid of studio generated echo effects.

Overall, “For Tha Love” harkens back to the days when hip hop was more innovative, fun, and positive, and artists like De La Soul, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Tribe Called Quest, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Heavy D, and Kid ‘n Play ruled the day. “Rap Appreciation” is a quintessential ode paying tribute to artists like this that really gets to the heart of the idea of keeping these types of vibes alive (and flowing and growing).

Steele began rhyming while residing in Echelon, NJ, not far from his birthplace of Philadelphia. Jay has come a long way since his early days of raps racked with anger and vengeance (assembled after a tumultuous childhood).

Simply put, “For Tha Love” is the culmination of Jay’s trials and tribulations. It exudes the totality of his musical passion, dedication, and versatility.

It is a return to the vibes of yesteryear and a trip back to raps packed with fun, positive, mature, meaningful, and creative content. In the end, it’s music made by and “For Tha Love.”

The Happy Curmudgeons releases “I Know How You Feel”



The Happy Curmudgeons are a group of musicians that incorporate many genres of music to get their sound. The band is working with producer, Mark Byerly, of the Bob Seger Band. Their music is mixed by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Records in Detroit.

     The Happy Curmudgeons released their first album, Meant 2 Be, on Dec. 1, 2017.   The band is currently working on their second project and have already released two singles: 2nd Chances and Jack Russell.   The band is now releasing “I Know How You Feel” featuring Jeff Warner on vocals. The song was written by Jeff Warner and Dave Hamilton. Jeff Warner is on vocals and guitar, Dave Hamilton on guitars and Takashi Iio on stand up bass. This emotional song will tug at your heartstrings. I Know How You Feel is an all acoustic performance produced by Mark Byerly. The song was mastered by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Records in Detroit. This band based out of metro Detroit explores many genres, but seems grounded in Americana/Folk/Country.

Rashid Scales & MarloDaMartian are heading towards stardom!


Rashid Scales & MarloDaMartian depict today’s life and times in the inner city of Atlanta Georgia. Rashid Scales is from College Park, GA. He grew up listening to music and began rapping at the age of 10. Rashid’s musical influences range from Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole to Jezzy, Plies, Drake and Lil Baby. Rashid has always had a natural talent for music and started taking it seriously around the age of 20. This is when he met MarloDaMartian; a well-known producer/artist. Shortly after, they began working on various projects together. Rashid is passionate, musically driven, and constantly striving to become one of the top rappers in today’s music industry. In 2020, “Just Be That Way” featuring Rashid Scales was released as the third single. The Lo-Fi Hip-Hop track has a groovy vibe & mellow hook. Get it today on all streaming platforms!
Just be that way

Eric Gable brings back that smooth quiet storm flavor



If you were a soul music fan in the late 80s and early 90s, you definitely knew the name Eric Gable. He is an expressive singer with a big voice. He’s moved all the way to #1 with his hit “Remember The First Time”. For the next decade, he would produce a bunch of radio friendly cuts.

Now Orpheus Entertainment is putting together some of Eric’s best cuts – and making them available digitally for the first time. Keep your eyes open for the album Straight from My Heart. This is smooth soul at its finest! The collection includes a song that sounds perfect for Adult Soul radio in 2021. It is a real treat to have this music available on the new album.

Produced by the legendary Paul Laurence, “I Can Make You Feel Good” is a perfect nighttime jam and a true display of an artist at the top of his game. Check it out below and listen to clips from the entire album. Let’s welcome this classic artist back into this growing movement.

Brian Shuck releases Southbound Summertime



GRAPEVINE, TEXAS – ‘Southbound Summertime’ is an anthem for all things great about summer, the beach, great friends and making lifelong memories. The original song, written and performed by local Grapevine resident Brian Shuck, was recently recorded in NASHVILLE at Beaird Music Group.  The song is now available for download and streaming from most music providers.

Born in California but “Raised in Texas,” Brian Shuck is actively performing in the Texas music scene. Brian currently fronts the band, Brian Shuck & The Local Legends, a highly entertaining, family-oriented act that not only plays original country music, but popular songs from today’s hottest country artists like Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, the Zac Brown Band, Billy Currington and Toby Keith, as well as rock/pop artists like The Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, R.E.M., Chris Isaak, and Tom Petty.

For more information on Brian Shuck Music, please visit his website at

Voted Southeast Detroit’s #1 Country Singer



From the City that brought you Motown, Madonna, Kid Rock, Josh Groban, and Aretha Franklin, comes Singer/Songwriter Randy Jack; a Michigan native who’s authentic, unique country voice has a style of its own. A WCXI listener’s poll in Detroit voted Randy the #1 country entertainer in southeastern Michigan. Following the listeners voting, Randy headlined Detroit’s Best Country outdoor concert.

Born and raised in Michigan, Randy performed at the Michigan State Fair multiple times ahead of stars like Tony Orlando, Ray Charles, Ann Murray. He later shared the stage with country greats Ernest Tubb, Billy Crash Craddock, Jerry Lee Lewis, & Tanya Tucker, to name a few. He made multiple appearances on local TV in Detroit and wrote and performed the theme song to the local stars of tomorrow TV show on Channel 2. He also performed on the Soupy Sales Telethon on channel 20.  Even more than that, Randy has made appearances on channels 7 and 50.

Randy Jack is currently the 2018 MCGMA/OBCMA male vocalist and Entertainer of the year for independent country artists. On the national stage Randy Won two CMA awards at the North American Country Music Association International in Pigeon Forge TN. He was also the 2019 Male Horizon Entertainer of The Year and 2019 Male Rising Star Vocalist of The Year.

Randy has written several songs and his first album “Love is taking over” received great reviews. However, his new release “One of those nights” is thought to be his best work yet. Randy released his first Christmas Single “Wrap me in your love”; a song originally recorded by Joe Diffie on the Mr. Christmas album. This was the first single released and it received stellar reviews. Randy’s version of the song has that smooth country feel he is known for.

Randy Jack has been singing since he was a child. Encouraged by his family, he never let go of his love for music. Instead, he embraced it. After becoming one of the most well-known country artists in southeastern Michigan, Randy made a crucial decision to walk away from a promising career to be a Father to his two children who were back in Michigan.

Now, years later he’s brought back that distinct country voice and showmanship he is known for. Currently, you can find Randy in the July 2018 edition of Nashville Country Music Magazine with Tanya Tucker on the cover. Also, on Nashville’s Broadtube Music Channel. You can also read a full interview on and SongPerk music blog. Early fans and new fans alike are all enjoying this new version of Randy Jack and you will too!
Album: Keep The Beer Cold II|Slow Down