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The Funktastic Players releases “Daydreaming”

Overall Impression: The Funktastic Players’ jazzy song “Daydreaming” wholeheartedly lives up to its’ name. From the first melody, you feel as if you are consciously floating through a dream and can’t help to sway at least a little bit. The saxophone adds an element of smokiness while the drums keep a consistent beat throughout. There are parts of the song (especially around 3:20) where the Funktastic Players take the listener on a mysterious journey, leading the audience wondering what is going to come next, and then it finishes strongly.

Strongest Point(s): Daydreaming is extremely smooth from start to finish and each instrument compliments one another well. The Funktastic Players’ talents shine brightly from start to finish.

Other areas of interest: With the slight sound of vocals counting out the beat in the background, I was waiting for a Funktastic Player to start singing. It would be interesting to hear this with a few lyrics (although not necessary), or no vocals at all.

Target Audience Appeal: Daydreaming can be perfectly paired with any dinner, midday work session, or just winding down and hanging out. For anyone looking for a relaxing track to soulfully enhance any situation, this one is for you.  

Artist target suggestions: Boney James, Gerald Albright, Brian Culbertson

What makes the Funktastic Players different from other bands?

“The Funktastic Players is my brain child but I’m not a musician in the traditional sense. I started out as an MC/DJ during the Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash era. I spent a great deal of my early years producing rap acts and like all produces from that era I sampled soul, jazz and funk records from the 70s. But, unlike other produces from that era I evolved. I wanted to re-create my own soul music not just sample it. Fast forward many years later and I found myself finally free to do the music I wanted to do the way I wanted to do it. Having worked in the industry my entire adult life for various independent record labels I came to understand this one simple truth “brand before band”! I’m trying to build a brand and a catalog of tunes that people know, respect and pay top dollar to see performed. That takes time and investment. We released our first CD, Generations, six years ago and we’re still building our brand and adding fans nationally and internationally. We thank all of you who have stumbled upon us and become fans”.

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