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The Majesti of Mississippi releases Spiritual Soul

The Majesti of Mississippi aka The Majesti is a Rhythm and Blues artist who fuses Classical music with Hip-Hop Soul. A southern native of Vicksburg, Mississippi, she has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry from Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, MS, a Master of Arts degree in Health and Kinesiology from Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA and a Doctor of Metaphysical Science degree from University of Sedona, Sedona, Arizona. In addition to being an Independent Researcher, she speaks French, enjoys outdoor adventures, adheres to natural medicine and has a vast love for physics. Her great appreciation for the humanities, the fine arts, literary arts and certainly the performing arts inspires her expression and her passion. Singing since the age of 2, writing songs since age 8, choreographing dances since age 10 and composing since age 12, The Majesti has pressed on since that time to reach this pinnacle point in her life and career. Throughout, she has been involved in numerous performing arts projects, including but not limited to singing, songwriting, dance choreography, acting, modeling and playing musical instruments such as the saxophone and violin.

The Majesti’s personal song endeavors are leading the way to the fulfillment of her ultimate career plans. She envisions intense songwriting, telling vocal stories and music production, not only for herself, but for other artists. She has a strong desire to collaborate with artists of diverse genres, to choreograph dances for music video productions and to have a role in many other areas of entertainment. She truly believes that accepting others, their capabilities and their unique qualities is essential to life. Because of this, she was named Miss Congeniality in a past Miss Vicksburg Pageant. She embraces dedication, “smart” work, love for oneself and showing complete gratitude to the Creator. In fact, her stage name, The Majesti of Mississippi, means Love for the Creator’s splendor through pain and plight.

I Was So Blind

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