Sam Hankins offers up a fresh exhilarating vibe with his music

Sam Hankins had the great fortune to be born into a musical family that would help cultivate his own talent and ambitions. Encouraged by his father, Samuel Hankins Sr., young “Hank”” began with the guitar, then switched to his trademark trumpet in middle school and began playing in churches, professional bands and orchestras. Hankins remembers clearly being one of only 5 African American kids being bussed to the predominantly white Harmony Elementary School in Oklahoma City, which he attended with his younger brother.

Music was a safe haven for Hankins who had difficulty concentrating in school and remembers clearly one of the teachers telling him that “he would never amount to anything”. However, he was determined to prove her wrong and went on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He then joined the air force jazz band, The Pacesetters, stationed at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois as a trumpeter, where he remained until the Air Force Base closed in 1991.
Hankins then returned to school, earning both a second Bachelors Degree and a Masters Degree in Music Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It was while studying for his Masters degree that he found out he was dyslexic after being tested by his college professor.

During his tenure as Band Director at the Edison Middle School in Champaign, Hankins won numerous teaching awards when he led a struggling band program to Division I ratings, State and National awards and recognitions. In 1997, he won the Golden Apple Award recognizing commitment to excellence in education & in 1998 received the White House Letter recognizing the Edison Middle School Band Program, sign by Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Before becoming a solo artist Hankins performed with numerous legendary artists, including Al Jarreau, Clark Terry, The O’Jays, The Temptations, The Dells, The Impressions, Aretha Franklin and the Glenn Miller Big Band.

A prolific composer, Hankins had composed over 150 pieces before he took his wife’s advice and began pursuing the next phase of his diverse career, as a solo recording artist. He laid the groundwork for Nothing Between Us (May 2012) by releasing Dream Catcher (July 2011), a compilation of his catalog of music in every genre from smooth jazz and dance to techno. He released his third CD, Joyous Celebration, a Christmas CD which is a collaboration with David McLorren in November 2015. His latest CD, Do That Thang was released in March 2016.  All 4 CD’s have received lots of radio play in the US & around the world and have won over 25 independent music awards.

On April 23rd, 2017, Hankins won 9 independent artist awards at the Indie Music Channel Awards (IMC) ceremony in Hollywood. Thousands of independent musicians from all over the world (Australia, Europe, UK, Canada & Nigeria, to name a few) submit their music in the different genres to be judged by music industry professionals (well known producers, managers, radio DJs, songwriters, etc). The list of nominees is released in March and the awards show is held in April in West Hollywood every year. This year it was held at the famous Troubadour, which has seen performers such as Miles Davis, Elton John & Bob Dylan, amongst others.

Hankins was the Band Director at Rich East High School in Park Forest IL from 2017-2018 and Head Band Director in Kankakee, IL from 2018-2019 as well as an Adjunct Music Professor at South Suburban College where he was the Director and Conductor of the Jazz Combo and Jazz Ensemble. 2018-2019

In 2019 Sam Hankins and his wife relocated to Los Angeles, CA where he is currently pursuing his music career.  He is working and performing with the renowned jazz vocalist of the 20th century Ms. Barbara Morrison and other musicians in the Los Angeles, CA area.

His brand new single “Carol Dream” which was release on September 10th, 2020. It’s currently being played on various radio stations around the world.


Rima Aanjay discusses Culture, Hip Hop and Racism

Washington, D.C, Aug 31, 2020 (  – Rima Aanjay aka Spoken Word has been performing as a spoken word/hip hop activist since 2008; calling the attention to the injustices that have been plaguing African American communities throughout the world. In her venture to promote black awareness, she published a magazine entitled All Shades of Brown dedicated to sharing the experiences of African Cultures across the globe. She is also the self-published author of Spoken Word for the Soul from the Soul, and performer on albums Hip Hop Will Never Die, After the Pain, and Make Some Noise; work that has earned its place on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and Google. Not only does Rima Aanjay’s music promotes awareness on issues such as poverty, racism, and so forth, it also speaks volumes about spiritually and the oppression that plagues black women; especially those that live in poorer and rural communities. Rima was born in a low-income area; surrounded by poverty. The youngest of four children growing up in a single parent home, she found an interest in music and poetry early on in life. Influenced by her twin brother, G Valley, she found pleasure in hip hop. Performing in local talent shows eventually earned her a name for herself. That name was “dope” among both the male and female audience. However, it wouldn’t be until the release of her first solo album, Hip Hop Will Never Die, that she would truly realize her potential for success. She was able to speak of issues that affected her more as a woman living in a poor neighborhood. The way she puts it is that, “you never know a woman until you become one and that is something that a man can never be”. When asked if she considered herself a feminist, her response was:

I do not consider myself a feminist but a voice for woman who can relate to the things that I speak of in my work. As a woman I naturally share in the experiences that affect other women. While I understand women on a level that men do not understand, I don’t feel that makes me a feminist. I’m just a woman who understands what other women are going through. Let’s remember that feminism was never truly inclusive for African American Women. The rights won during the feminist movement only truly extended to those of the elite or middle-class group. (bourgeoise) Those of the lower class continued to struggle with the oppression that affected them all at one point. Even in that, black woman was victimized by the same white women who fought for equal rights; even those of the lower class. So where does that leave us in a movement that never considered us in the first place? Some of what feminist was fighting for was protection against domestic violence, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. Even today, black women continue to fight to be protected from such violence. Some commercial industries tend to portray black women as if we embrace such violence and negative attention. Therefore, claims of sexual harassment, sexual violence, and domestic violence are often ignored. When such women speak out, they are seen as a liar even among black women. It’s this complex system that can only be overthrown when we admit that it actually exists.

What do you think about sexuality in hip hop?

Certain images in hip hop demean women in terms of strippers, pimps, players, and so forth. That is what hip hop has become today and we can’t ignore that. However, you can’t hate the player but hate the game. To sort of echo Speech Thomas, who is it that keeps delivering this music to black communities is the real question? There is some sexuality in all music, but the image of us is overly exaggerated in hip hop a lot. Corporations invest a lot of money into degrading black women and black men. Since such images appear in blackface, it looks as if it is the attitude of the overall black culture. However, it is not. I’m a poet and rapper with an education. I don’t see myself as beating the odds; especially today. My mother grew up during the Jim Crow era where she lived on a farm that required her to work; one of the major disadvantages of growing up in the Jim Crow south. She did not get the proper education but is one of the wisest women that I know. All because you are poor and live in a poor community, that should not be correlated with the images you see on TV.  So, when I continue to see stereotypes that have plagued the black race being cultivated on such a high level, it tells me that the industry is disconnected from the overall community. Perhaps they should do more outreach or public involvement to learn how to implement the real attitudes of black people into black music. As  Hip Hop Literacy quoted “hip-hop, which began as a form of cultural expression in marginalized communities and was once poised to become a vehicle for African American empowerment and political activism, is today stereotyped as misogynistic, glorifying violence and racist caricature”.

What do you think about the protest?

I think that the protest is about more than the injustices and brutality that blacks experience throughout the world. It is also about our human right to exist and be left alone. Despite of how the world views us, we are very peaceful and moral people. It’s hard to live in peace when you’re constantly mistreated because of the color of your skin. We go through it during recreational activities, walking our dogs, buying coffee, and in the everyday attitudes of those leading this country. Most of our parents and grandparents don’t talk about the past because it is too painful to remember. I guess some things, you just want to get out of your mind. It’s hard to do that when you can’t even take a ride to the park without being faced with that reminder through statues and monuments. What some see as preserving the legacies of this country is a painful reminder for other citizens of this country. Why preserve a legacy that was so destructive by nature.

I heard that there is a new album. Tell me about it?

I’m certainly excited about the new album. It’s been a while since I produced an album because I took time off to focus on other projects. Of course, I’m constantly writing and working to come up with new ideas. I feel that the new work that will be released is more powerful than my work prior to this. I feel much more mature and transformed spiritually. Robert Townsend once said, that “the greatest writer is one who has suffered the most”. That has stuck with me through life. I’ve learned that knowledge, no matter how much the cost, is nothing without wisdom and understanding. Once a person has obtained wisdom, they become better, stronger and understand more about life. However, that wisdom is not obtained easily. It is obtained through our everyday life experiences. Much of what you will hear on this new album will be both a mixture of hip hop and spoken word regarding everyday life experiences. I’m excited to release it to the public. I will be going back into the studio in September to start recording, so hopefully the full album will be released in 2021. In the meantime, I will keep you informed!

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Second Adam is currently a solo-project led by Abram Germano

99175-Able_To_Enable_Album_CoverSecond Adam and the New Creations is currently a solo project taken on by Abram Germano that seeks to infuse rich Christian theology into an indie-rock package with folk-like undertones. From what started out as a special music project for a specific youth ministry event at his church, Second Adam & The New Creations was birthed and turned into a platform from which Abe continues to write and promote his music.

You can expect to hear both indie-rock and folk-rock genres in Abe’s songwriting. The sound draws from Influences from the likes of My Epic or Pedro The Lion with a refreshing balance between calm and harder elements.

Second Adam’s debut EP was released in March of 2015 called Able To Enable and Abe has stated that He hopes to start working on another project in mid-2016. Here’s to looking forward to that!

Second Adam & The New Creations also has a blog where Abe posts expositions of scripture sometimes as well as some of his school projects as he works toward his theological degree in Seminary. Follow them on social media.


Smooth and conscious with meaningful songs, for the times we live in today

came to St Maarten in 1998, while living in the hash ghetto of Cole Bay; He meet other like mined ghetto youths. He would freestyle all day and all night, with no record studio to record. He practiced constantly, while writing songs through the struggles. He got his first break to record in 2003 in a local manual studio own by a friend. He recorded about 10 songs, dance hall and rap. Without promotion and no cash, all he could do was listen to the music himself. He meet K-Dot in 2007, owner of Smoke House Studio, where he recorded his first Hit record Education is the Key. He has been a part of Smoke House Record Studio every since. He has been on interviews and his song has been played all over the world. He has sold copies of his music independently and , on the beaches, businesses and to people he knows. meet his manager Rosalind Brown in 2006, with her direction and help, He continued to strive and recorded 9 songs. checkout what he’s doing now He has completed his album Freedom and now has a new album coming out this year 2016.

“Stay Far I am spreading the message of Love, Peace, Hope, Equal Rights and Justice for all mankind, though my music. I am making a difference by speaking about the needs of the less fortunate!”


“2007 Golden Viking Radio Award For Best Acoustic Rock Artist”

Papa Satch is a Singer/Songwriter/Producer.He started his music career as a founding member of the bands “Black Horizon,”Blank Stare” and “Mercy Hit”.He was a integral member of the wildly popular band “Spoof”.As producer he wrote sang on and organized the critically acclaimed “Actress, Doggin It” Album.He has just released his Album “Open Dreams”. Website:

Canada’s Tristan Thompson is an exuberant, soulful singer with a bent toward electronic, dance-oriented R&B

Tristen Thomas2

Tristan Thompson, a 18-year-old Victoria, BC, native, convinced his family at a very young age that he was born to be a performer. Music and dance consumed his life as if nothing else mattered. Drawn to acts such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Michael Jackson, he sang his lungs out to their tunes as a toddler or could be found playing drums on anything he could find. He took this fascination even to the point of becoming a Michael Jackson impersonator busking in downtown Victoria where the local police would have to move his spectating crowd off the street.

After a live performance at a family friend’s wedding and a few performances at various local charity events such as “The Autism Walk” and the “Lac-Megantic” fundraiser, Tristan was featured on the local “ Go Island” TV show where he was interviewed by James Green.

Soon after, Tristan released a YouTube video for his Swedish House Mafia cover “Don’t You Worry Child” and thousands of views started pouring in. The video caught the attention of Chatter Records and a productive relationship began.

Tristan’s debut album, “Here For You”, was released in April 2014 and the first Single, “Tidal Wave”, took radio by storm. Over 100 radio stations played the Single in Canada in addition to international airplay in New Zealand, Scotland and the Philippines. It currently has over 57K views on YouTube.

The summer of 2014 was a busy one for Tristan. His performances included charitable event “Animals for Life Society”, 8 shows at “The Victoria International Buskers Festival”, charitable event “Walk for the Children” at the Toronto Zoo, “The Brentwood Bay Festival”, “The Saanich Fair” and 107.3 Kool FM’s “ kool Days of Summer” private wrap party. Tristan also appeared on Toronto’s “Breakfast Television” on CityTV as well as Corus Entertainment’s “The Zone” on YTV. As well, Tristan began touring with TeenFest Canada in British Columbia. In November 2014, he was named Bell Media’s “Future Star”. Despite his active performance schedule, Tristan still managed to find time to film multiple music videos and record a Holiday single that reached #29 on the BDS Mainstream AC chart in Canada.

Tristan’s second Canadian Single, “Burn Again”, reached #24 on the Mediabase Pop Adult chart & #30 on the BDS Mainstream AC chart in Canada. To date, the video has received over 1.6 million views on YouTube. This Single was also released in the US in February 2015 and received airplay in over 10 States peaking at #73 on the Mediabase Top 40 chart. As well, the video received airplay on MTV.

Tristan’s sophomore album, “Love You Can Believe In”, was released on May 2nd!  This much-anticipated project contains 12 new songs that were specifically written with Tristan’s audience in mind.  These hook-laden tracks are sure to please all of Tristan’s loyal fans.

It’s not hard to imagine that Tristan’s future in music will be successful considering his natural talent and unwavering commitment to honing his craft.  Website:


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