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Talent Booking

WLP is a business-to-business resource company for entertainment, performing arts and event planning professionals. We provide executive-level talent booking and consulting services to entertainment talent buyers.

Public Relations

WLP Oversee the creation and implementation of public image campaigns and activities which suit the best interests of our clients. We coordinate the development and implementation of a public relations campaigns creating a positive public image for our clients. We confer with clients to ensure publicity needs are properly communicated; acting as a liaison between our clients and the media.

Label Services

Our Label Services is an all-encompassing platform that replaces the services of a traditional record labels for the development, marketing, and release of material into the marketplace.

Community Engagement and Public Outreach

As a pillar of the company, community outreach plays a integral role in both the company and our client’s positioning. To this end, we align our program with charities or community organizations. Our participation enhance exposure and generates revenue for All Shades of Brown (ASB). For more information please visit our our community website


Rima Aanjay

Rima Aanjay’s writings was influenced by the poverty that plagues black communities throughout the world. Feeling powerless and invisible, Rima took her frustration to paper, and turned her pain into spoken word. Her commitment to bringing awareness to economic and social injustices destroying African-American families has been her life’s mission.

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Spoken Word

Spoken Word is affectionately known for her classic pieces such as Time, Eulogy, and A Victim of Society. Through spoken word, she has developed an activism platform that has helped to educate, inspire, and bring awareness to human rights issues in impoverished communities all across the globe.

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All Shades of Brown (ASB) is a non-profit company that was created to keep the world informed on what’s going on in black communities throughout the world. We chose “All Shades of Brown” simply because the African nation is all shades of brown.

Spoken Word TV is a group created for poets wishing to share their poetry with the world!

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