Smooth and conscious with meaningful songs, for the times we live in today


came to St Maarten in 1998, while living in the hash ghetto of Cole Bay; He meet other like mined ghetto youths. He would freestyle all day and all night, with no record studio to record. He practiced constantly, while writing songs through the struggles. He got his first break to record in 2003 in a local manual studio own by a friend. He recorded about 10 songs, dance hall and rap. Without promotion and no cash, all he could do was listen to the music himself. He meet K-Dot in 2007, owner of Smoke House Studio, where he recorded his first Hit record Education is the Key. He has been a part of Smoke House Record Studio every since. He has been on interviews and his song has been played all over the world. He has sold copies of his music independently and , on the beaches, businesses and to people he knows. meet his manager Rosalind Brown in 2006, with her direction and help, He continued to strive and recorded 9 songs. checkout what he’s doing now He has completed his album Freedom and now has a new album coming out this year 2016.

“Stay Far I am spreading the message of Love, Peace, Hope, Equal Rights and Justice for all mankind, though my music. I am making a difference by speaking about the needs of the less fortunate!”