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Retired Engineering Manager takes his music to the airwaves!

Tom Raley a singer songwriter has just released his new SOLO album ” A Gentle Wind”. It is his first solo album since his retirement form the Nuclear business. He has had a lot of time to put his mood down for others to hear. Please take time to check out this amazing new collection.

Tom was born in Jefferson City, Tennessee. He was exposed to music from an early age where every Friday night was a time for all the neighbors and kin to gather at his parents house and share some good old time music. He got his first guitar when he was 5 for Christmas. He learned to play while listening to a small battery operated transistor radio, and sitting in the corner while all the musicians were playing. Tom always wanted to sing his own songs. He wrote his first song at the age of 10 and hasn’t stopped yet. Through the years he has played in several bands of all types and traveled the bluegrass circuit and the Blues circuit around Atlanta. He has done concerts, roadhouses, weddings, funerals, you name it. His favorite times are when he and his close friends get together and play their music.

New Music

Rashid Scales & MarloDaMartian are heading towards stardom!

Rashid Scales & MarloDaMartian depict today’s life and times in the inner city of Atlanta Georgia. Rashid Scales is from College Park, GA. He grew up listening to music and began rapping at the age of 10. Rashid’s musical influences range from Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole to Jezzy, Plies, Drake and Lil Baby. Rashid has always had a natural talent for music and started taking it seriously around the age of 20. This is when he met MarloDaMartian; a well-known producer/artist. Shortly after, they began working on various projects together. Rashid is passionate, musically driven, and constantly striving to become one of the top rappers in today’s music industry. In 2020, “Just Be That Way” featuring Rashid Scales was released as the third single. The Lo-Fi Hip-Hop track has a groovy vibe & mellow hook. Get it today on all streaming platforms!

Just be that way

New Music

Eric Gable brings back that smooth quiet storm flavor

If you were a soul music fan in the late 80s and early 90s, you definitely knew the name Eric Gable. He is an expressive singer with a big voice. He’s moved all the way to #1 with his hit “Remember The First Time”. For the next decade, he would produce a bunch of radio friendly cuts.

Now Orpheus Entertainment is putting together some of Eric’s best cuts – and making them available digitally for the first time. Keep your eyes open for the album Straight from My Heart. This is smooth soul at its finest! The collection includes a song that sounds perfect for Adult Soul radio in 2021. It is a real treat to have this music available on the new album.

Produced by the legendary Paul Laurence, “I Can Make You Feel Good” is a perfect nighttime jam and a true display of an artist at the top of his game. Check it out below and listen to clips from the entire album. Let’s welcome this classic artist back into this growing movement.

New Music

Swanga Swang releases It’s Over

Swanga Swang is a singer, songwriter, and rapper from Texas. He grew up in church and that is where the music all started. He grew up listening to gospel, country, R&B and rap. He began his gospel group with his brother and friends at a very young age. Later in life, he joined a rap group as a singer wherein he created most of the hooks. He decided to go solo in 2016 after purchasing his own studio. Swanga recorded many songs in his new studio and filmed his own music videos as well. Now it’s 2021 and he has a new sound that he would like for the wold to hear. “Music is my passion”. He just released his newest single entitled “It’s Over”. It is a song about how a good relationship started off good but somewhere it went wrong.

New Music

Black Belt Theatre music hits hard and fast

Black Belt Theatre hits hard and fast with the 4-song EP, “Almost Never Give Up”. Featuring two brand new studio tracks, along with cover versions of classics from Ace Frehley & Cyndi Lauper.

Black Belt Theatre is, proudly, a very mid-western band. Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, they embrace the long, beer fueled winters. And the hot, beer-fueled summers. They live and breathe the DIY rock-and-roll ethos of the mid-west. But this is no basement band. The pedigree here is strong, with all of the members having come from prior groups with national attention. In the mid-90’s, John’s band Alligator Gun was signed to Relativity Records and became a seminal punk rock powerhouse that included future members of The Promise Ring and Dashboard Confessional.

Tim and Steve comprised one half of Bender, a popular Milwaukee rock act that released an album on TVT Records in 2000 and toured the country with several major artists. Bert was also a key part of the late 90’s post-grunge Milwaukee explosion, being a member of The Buzzhorn, who released an album on Atlantic Records.

Having all stepped away from music for 10+ years following the demise of their previous bands, they joined forces in the fall of 2013. The objective was simple. In a music climate where loud, straight-ahead rock and roll was being pushed to the fringes, they wanted to make records that rocked.

The common thread that ties the four of them together is their love for late 70’s/early 80’s power rock. Think Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy, UFO, April Wine, etc. Throw in modern influences like Danko Jones, Eagles of Death Metal and the like, and you have a recipe for a fresh, but somehow familiar sound.

New Music

“If Mac Miller and Ed Sheeran had a baby”

It was never Hedge’s plan to do music full-time. And even after his second release, the twenty year old would tell you that he’s not really a musician, but just someone who knows what sounds good.

His DIY-living room music on the other hand sounds anything but unprofessional.
Just like any other kid, he started by producing beats on his computer when he was fourteen years old. After some years of experimenting with sounds, he wanted to finally finish one of his songs. And put it out for people to hear.

At this time he got to know the old school Rock-guitarist Olly Lagemann (Cats TV, Loz Tinitoz) who helped him on his journey.

In the end there were not one, but three songs he put out as the Ocean-EP in 2018.
By that time hedge moved to various cities of Germany, studied for a short amount and finally found his place in Hanover, where he’s doing an apprenticeship as a media creator, while still working hard for his passion.

After some time we finally get to hear his second project: “Mellow Days”. It’s his personal inner conflicts translated into music. Self-doubt, as well as frustration and love are the topics he discusses. For every song there is another kind of sound to discover in his six-song ep.

One moment you’re rebelling against the world itself (“ let’s set the whole world on fire”), in another your having a face to face conversation, talking about your deepest feelings in a motel room.
In the next moment your sitting at the piano, talking about love and how it hurts. This happens in an abstract, but still soulful way.

With every track Hedge takes us on a little journey. And you can be sure that none of his songs sound like the other. But why don’t you just take a look yourself.

New Music

2018 Western Canadian Music Awards Jazz Artist of the Year

Rubim de Toledo, releases a new CD entitled, “The Dig.” The album features strong influences from his Brazilian background with heavy jazz, groove, and Caribbean elements.

Award-winning bassist and composer Rubim de Toledo combines the influences of his Brazilian heritage and his dedication to the jazz tradition to create an approach to music that is refreshing and uplifting. Boasting a diverse rhythmic palette inspired by world music, jazz, and contemporary music, a lure towards improvisation and a forward-looking traditionalism, Rubim nurtures a commanding sound and style as a bassist, soloist, and composer.

Rubim began his professional career in Edmonton at seventeen, performing with Albertan Jazz legends Tommy Banks, PJ Perry and Clarence “Big” Miller. Since then, he has become a sought-after sideman and a productive bandleader. Rubim is a founding member of renowned Canadian Latin-Jazz group Bomba and has had the honour of accompanying jazz artists like Mary Chapin Carpenter, Mulgrew Miller, Terrell Stafford, Wycliffe Gordon, Oliver Jones, and Jason Marsalis.

With his sixth and newest release, “The Dig,” Rubim distinguishes himself as a composer with a unique ability to explore contemporary styles while maintaining a sound that is modern yet inviting. The disc features seven original instrumental compositions influenced by Brazilian, Caribbean, jazz, and groove-based music.

Rubim has worked extensively since 2007 as musical director with Calgary’s prestigious Decidedly Jazz Danceworks. He is also a passionate music educator and the head of the bass department at MacEwan University in Edmonton.

In 2018, Rubim won the Western Canadian Music Award for Jazz Artist of Year and was nominated for a 2018 Edmonton Music Award. In 2019, his Latin-Jazz group Montuno West was nominated as World artist of the year at the Western Canadian Music Award, nominated for several Edmonton Music Awards, and won the Calgary Music Award for World Recording of the Year.