Sweet Success Records releases Gmunns Project



Gmunns is hitting the streets with his new Jazz and R&B single projects in 2020 with more to come 2021.  Gmunns Project features Saxophones Jordan Bolds’ Jazz single “City Roads”. This single is more of a Jazz fusion piece produced to introduce the Jazz world to Gmunns and the new kid on the block Jordon Bolds. Gmunns Project is a producer turned artist who is now releasing his first Jazz single and loving every bit of it. He worked with a bunch of musicians to bring this project together, and it has been well worth the wait.

Second Adam is currently a solo-project led by Abram Germano


Second Adam and the New Creations is currently a solo project taken on by Abram Germano that seeks to infuse rich Christian theology into an indie-rock package with folk-like undertones. From what started out as a special music project for a specific youth ministry event at his church, Second Adam & The New Creations was birthed and turned into a platform from which Abe continues to write and promote his music.

You can expect to hear both indie-rock and folk-rock genres in Abe’s songwriting. The sound draws from Influences from the likes of My Epic or Pedro The Lion with a refreshing balance between calm and harder elements.

Second Adam’s debut EP was released in March of 2015 called Able To Enable and Abe has stated that He hopes to start working on another project in mid-2016. Here’s to looking forward to that!

Second Adam & The New Creations also has a blog where Abe posts expositions of scripture sometimes as well as some of his school projects as he works toward his theological degree in Seminary. Follow them on social media.