up in the attic

Art Work

These hip hop heads are crazy funny, popular and are even considered intelligent street astrologers. The Gods are the brothers that everybody wants to get with from the girls to the bully to the nerds. There’s some cameo appearances from hip hop legends such as Reggie Reg from the Crash Crew, Lord Yoda X, Malik and JCrush from the Zulu Nation and Chill Rob G. This movie will transport you back in time when hip hop was about having mad fun.
What happens when one of the brothers gets sick of being a ghetto celeb and want’s to stop getting high? Let’s see how it all goes down in their popular hangout “Up in the Attic”.

Directed by Kamal Imani for RevolutionaryArt Films/Bless the Mic Productions
Co-directed by Christopher Brown for BrownDogg productions.

Starring Jamian Blackmon
Moderated by Steven A Robinson

Edited by Newblackmusic.net

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Check out the soundtrack featuring the Crash Crew, Paula Perry, Lakem Shabazz, Chill Rob G, KamalSupreme, Revie Rev and Lc (BreakOUt Brothers), Kyss Major and much more!

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